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ET-01 electric tunnel

ET-01 is a new electric tunnel used for the application of plastic shrink sleeves labels (heat shrinkable plastic labels) and is equipped with several regulatory circuits. The advantage is not only more economical to operate than conventional steam tunnels, but also that the product itself is after labeling 100% dry! It is not necessary to ensure that subsequent drying of products (if required by the product), which is not only laborious but also economically consuming. Electric tunnel is made mainly from stainless steel and their job requires only compressed air from commercially available compressors. After configuration the machine is fully automated.

Possible uses: cosmetic products, dairy products, food products (honey, jam, etc.), sports nutrition, etc.

Advantages of electric tunnel:
- The product is dry after applying labels!!
- Electric tunnel is more economical compared to the steam version (no need for steam)
- The tunnel is universal and applies labels to large diameters

The newly developed electric tunnel has the same or in some cases even better features as the existing steam tunnels.

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