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SA-01 filling automatic machine for DOY PACK

   Filling machine for bags DOY PACK is a new technical equipment for filling gels and liquids in bags with closure. This filling machine has wide use in both the cosmetics industry and in the food industry. It is designed for filling gels and liquids to a viscosity of 60 000 mPa. Machine output depends on the viscosity of the filling medium. It is designed to allow quick and easy sanitation throughout the filling lines.

   Line performs the following operations: checking leakage of bags, forming bags before filling, filling and capping bags. The entire filling machine is designed as a compact device and what is important is ready for hot filling.
Possible uses: cosmetic products, dairy products, food products (honey, jam, etc.), sports nutrition and more.

   Our company also provides a complete supply package for this type of packaging. It offers various shape and size variations according to clients' requirements.




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